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Meet Marta


Eight years into my legal career, I experienced severe burnout, which led me on a journey to change how I live and work. I worked incredibly hard to build a career that by conventional notions of success, should have made me happy and fulfilled. Things looked great on the outside, but inside I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I was exhausted and disillusioned. After taking some time to recover from burnout, I became a professional certified coach with the goal of helping high-achievers identify and recover from burnout and consciously create a healthy work-life without self-sacrifice. I am passionate about helping people define success on their own terms and love working with people to intentionally build an energizing, fulfilling, and happy life.


My mission is to create conscious and heart-centered leaders who lead and serve personally and professionally at their highest potential. 


The future of workplaces is filled with conscious employers who "walk the talk," and show up authentically and intentionally to create a work-life experience where individuals are seen, trusted, valued, and supported.

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