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Meet Marta


After nearly a decade in the legal profession, I was burnt out. From the outside, I had a successful career but I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. I knew I had to make a change. I became a certified leadership coach to help people define success on their terms without self-sacrifice and burnout. My experience taught me that it wasn't my job that needed to change. The change I needed to make was within me.

Today, I work with organizations to rehumanize work and help build healthy workplaces with leaders who support people in creating a meaningful and purpose-driven life and career.


My mission is to support conscious leaders to serve and lead at their highest potential in alignment with their authentic selves. 

White Sand and Stone


The future of workplaces is filled with conscious leaders who show up authentically and intentionally to create a work-life experience where individuals are seen, trusted, valued, and supported.

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