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Leading with Purpose: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Thrive in Work and Life

I am an Attorney, a Certified Professional Coach, and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I believe that everyone is a leader. Leaders are people who inspire themselves and others to lead their lives with authenticity, vulnerability, and self-awareness. I am passionate about working with leaders and high achievers to help people access and utilize the power of emotional and energetic intelligence. I believe that a successful organization must prioritize employee well-being and intentionally create inclusive and healthy work cultures. I work with conscious employers to create competent and conscious leaders who create trust and foster employee engagement, effectiveness, and enjoyment. I teach individuals and organizations to move from functioning effectively to functioning optimally. My goal is to create change through powerful leaders who understand emotional and energetic intelligence, dynamic communication, and how to lead with purpose to inspire greatness, growth, and passion. True power lies not in your job title but in your willingness to fully show up in all aspects of your life and be the leader you would follow. 

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