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Your Body, Your Truth

Your physical body holds the key to everything you need to know if you tune into it and listen to the truth of what it is telling you. I'd heard about the mind/body connection for years but only recently personally experienced its profound power.

Shortly after going back to work in a law firm, a week to be exact, I developed a pinched nerve in my right shoulder with radiating pain down my arm. My shoulder and arm were in constant pain, which I chalked up to sleeping in some awkward position. Two weeks into this experience, the pain was getting worse and worse and I was miserable and irritable on the daily. I was driving two hours to work and sitting in my office for nearly ten hours a day. Needless to say, I had little time for anything other than to eat, sleep and wake up to do it all again.

I went to see a holistic acupuncturist who sat with me and talked about my life before actually sticking needles in me. She told me how she experienced my energy being out of alignment with my true purpose, how my job was not what I am meant to do in this life and how all of this was leading to my physical pain. I let her words sink in and nearly broke down in tears because I knew it was all true. I was living out of alignment with my true Self and purpose. I left that acunpuncture session pain-free and with a newfound clarity. The next day I resigned from my job. The physical pain has been gone ever since.

I learned a powerful lesson and I have my powerful body to thank for it. It is so important to recognize the physical signals your body sends you. Don't simply cover the symptoms and keep on trucking on. Get to the root cause of the pain. Your body is your temple and it's one of the most powerful indicators of whether you're living true to yourself. If you can connect with your body, learn to trust its inner guidance system, and create the environment that will allow it to thrive, you're well on your way to understanding the power of the mind/body connection. And trust me, it's one of the deepest, most profound connections in the Universe.

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